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In this article, PCOS Natural Treatment to Get PREGNANT, Facts, Diet, Symptoms, we explain PCOS, which stands for PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome. 

We explain PCOS symptoms, causes, and natural ways of healing PCOS. 

We discuss supplements to treat and heal PCOS. I show how to navigate PCOS and get pregnant. 

If you are interested in PCOS and fertility, PCOS and diet, PCOS and pregnancy, and how to balance hormones naturally with PCOS, and how to overcome PCOS and infertility, this blog article is the definitive guide to all things PCOS related.

PCOS… sounds scary doesn’t it??? 

Well for women who have it, it can be. But, what exactly is it? How do you get it? And most importantly, can you do anything about it???

Buckle up ladies because we are going to pull the curtain back on this mysterious issue and reveal the truth. And by the end of this blog, you will be able to take the actions necessary to reverse PCOS naturally and live a more healthy life.

On a recent MAXXtv episode, I interviewed Natural Hormone Guru Jackie Harvey. She is the publisher of NaturalHormoneGuru.com which is the culmination of her vision and passion to see women everywhere experience overall health and natural hormone balance.


So, I have a friend, she is in her later 20s. She and her husband are wanting to have kids, but she was told she has PCOS. She told me she's had irregular periods going all the way back to high school.  

So, what exactly is PCOS???

Jackie said, “PCOS is when a woman’s ovary produces a cyst instead of an egg during the monthly cycle. PCOS is caused by a hormone imbalance called Estrogen Dominance. At the same time, when the ovary is  “popping an egg,” progesterone is supposed to be produced.

So, this means that in a cycle where the egg doesn't pop, progesterone IS NOT produced and a cyst is left on the outside of the ovary. That continues cycle after cycle. 

Now, the ovaries alternate each month, so sometimes it's just one ovary that is “cysty.” But, most often it's both ovaries. So, the egg doesn’t pop, and it produces a cyst. Next month an egg doesn’t pop, and it produces a cyst, and so forth. Therefore, we are left with very “cysty” ovaries. 

This results in several problems.  Most importantly, progesterone is not produced, and that creates Estrogen Dominance. This is usually found in women that are in their 20s and 30s. 


It was thought that some teenagers would have this when they didn't have regular monthly cycles. But, usually that's not the case. It typically takes a young girl anywhere up to age 18 or even as long as old as 20 have to have their menstrual cycle settle in and become regular. So, we don't see PCOS so much in teenagers, but it definitely happens for women in their 20s and 30s.

PCOS is the number one reason why women suffer from infertility issues. I think the most important factor for PCOS is that it is directly associated with things like insulin resistance. 

You're going to see signs and symptoms that reveal PCOS in that women will have lots of acne, develop more hair on their faces, they can develop adult male pattern baldness, hair can start to thin and fall out, their voices can deepen under the influence of too much testosterone. 

Elevated testosterone is another associated sign of PCOS. PCOS Too much testosterone combined with low progesterone, is a clear indicator of PCOS. Estrogen levels could be high, medium, or low.  Sometimes, estrogen is excessively high when testosterone is excessively high.” 


Now, you may be asking, is there a way to know for certain, whether or not, PCOS has developed. I posed this question to Jackie, is there a way to know for sure that PCOS is occurring?

Jackie replied, “We use saliva testing to evaluate hormone levels. A saliva test evaluates estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. As a rule, if testosterone is elevated, the laboratory will suggest that PCOS is very possible. 

We know that PCOS causes so much infertility, but it can be corrected. Dr. Jason Fung from Scarborough Hospital, in Toronto, has discovered that eating a low carb high healthy fat diet (LCHF), along with some intermittent fasting, can correct the hormone imbalance that's manifesting.

We would also suggest saliva testing to determine how far out of balance are those hormones. Certainly there is a resolution. We know for sure that diet is going to play a pivotal role in the solution. We know that introducing bio-identical progesterone is going to really be helpful with a good resolution. 

For women who want to protect their fertility, it’s very important to resolve polycystic ovarian syndrome now.” 

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Saliva testing is a great way to take charge of your health and it’s super simple to do. You can do the test at home and it gives you a baseline to evaluate your health going forward. 


But, is there a way that PCOS can be prevented? According to Jackie, the answer is YES!

 Here is what she said, “Absolutely, PCOS can be prevented. Dr. Gerilyn Prior calls PCOS, Androgen excess. So, lowering the Androgen (testosterone) levels and monitoring the androgen levels in young women is very important and that would be the beginning of a prevention program. 

You start with a saliva test to get a baseline in the early 20s, and then monitoring testosterone levels. If a woman eats a low carb high healthy fat diet (LCHF) right out of the gate, she wouldn't develop insulin resistance. Excessive carbs cause our body to produce too much insulin and too much circulating insulin causes an elevation in testosterone. 

Therefore, keeping testosterone in balance, making sure that you are ovulating regularly and producing a good amount of progesterone, and making sure that estrogen levels stay within the optimal range for their age and stage is key for a prevention program.”

But, you may be wondering, what if someone is already showing signs of PCOS or maybe their saliva test indicates it, what can be done to reverse PCOS? Jackie was more than happy to answer that question.

She said, “As you know, I have 5 daughters. If one of them had done a saliva test and it showed that she was developing or that they were concerned about PCOS, the first thing I would suggest is change her diet. I would get her on a low carb high healthy fat (LCHF) diet. Next, I would recommend bio-identical progesterone. 


Then, I would want her to make sure that estrogen stayed in balance and that her adrenal glands were functioning properly. Often, stress plays a huge role in diminishing progesterone levels, because weak adrenal glands reach up and grab progesterone, we call this a progesterone steal. 

So, making sure that the hormones are in balance at all times is very important. This is about protecting young women's fertility. I see so many women with infertility problems that wait until they have a problem before they intervene. 

If there's a woman reading this who's eating a lot of sugar, just know that that's going to affect your fertility. If you're in your 20s And 30s, additional sugar is going to cause you body to produce too much testosterone.

Now, I know there's lots of talk about “Low T” (testosterone), but I'll be very honest, I see way more women with elevated testosterone than low testosterone. 

So, making sure that the hormones stay in balance is just so important for all women, but especially, women that are heading into their fertility years, where they want to conceive children. And now, that's going up to age 40 and beyond. 

As you can see, optimizing hormone levels is very important.”

That begs the question, how long does it take for a woman’s system to recover and optimize her fertility after PCOS? 

Jackie responded, “I have two situations that are very recent. They actually sent me pictures of their new babies, which is delightful. 

The first couple, both husband and wife were overweight. So, being overweight gives you about a 50% chance of developing PCOS. If both are overweight is certainly going to affect your fertility. 

Both of them began with a saliva test, which revealed major hormone imbalances. Then, they went on a low carb high fat diet (LCHF), they both subscribed to the MaxxAlive All-Natural Hormone Balance Program, which contains the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance, and they followed it for more than 6 months. By the 8th month, they were pregnant. I mean that's marvellous. 

Their main symptoms we're gone. They had lost a lot of weight. When they took a follow-up saliva test, their testosterone had returned to the normal range. 

Interestingly, with men, insulin resistance causes testosterone to drop into the basement. With women, testosterone elevates. So, in this situation, his testosterone increased, hers decreased, and their sex drive increased. So many good things happened that promoted their ability to conceive. 

The second couple conceived within 6 months. We know that a six-month time frame is about the minimum time required re-establish and balance hormone levels with the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance.

PCOS can be turned around provided you know it exists. The lab that we use for saliva testing will provide that information at least. A lot of women don't know that they have PCOS. Some women actually think it’s normal to not have a regular menstrual cycle. 

However, every woman should be having a regular menstrual cycle, especially when she looks towards the future of having children. Because in order to be fertile you have to be producing the right amount of hormones on a monthly basis." 

Jackie mentioned Dr. Gerilyn Prior in Toronto referring to PCOS as Androgen excess. I asked her to explain this a bit further.

Jackie said, “Well, androgens are primarily male hormones, although women have androgens as well. For women they are produced in our ovaries and in our adrenal glands. Both the ovaries and the adrenal contribute equally to testosterone production in women. 

The problem is excessive testosterone, which is produced under the influence of too much circulating insulin in our belly fat. So, women who are increasing in girth, men too, are producing what we call fat deposition by cortisol. 

Which means, stress plays a role in that. But, it also means that the body fat around our middle can produce too much insulin. When women over consume carbs that can result in excessive testosterone for them. With men on the other hand, their belly fat is going to cause too much estrogen, because their testosterone is converting to estrogen. 

Both of these factors for both men and women will influence fertility dramatically. Androgens play a huge role. Androgen hormones can cause women to not be able to conceive when they're in excess. 

That’s why monitoring the Androgen hormones with saliva testing is just as important as monitoring estrogen and progesterone levels. I don't know that women realize this.”

Well, there you have it… everything you needed to know about PCOS, and most importantly, how to correct it.

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