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We help women balance hormones...naturally!!!

How do you feel?

Symptoms are your body’s way of asking for help

Bio-Identical Program

Our program is simple, effective, and proven!

The BFF (Body’s Friend Forever) is a simple, effective, and proven program for balancing your hormones naturally. We combine bio-identical progesterone with other potent nutrients to cleanse, balance, and nourish your body. The results of our program are proven through independent laboratory testing.

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“The BFF from maxx@live has totally changed my health...my hormones are balanced, I look great, and I feel like myself again!”

Dianne Roberts


Take The Test

We encourage everyone to begin with a saliva test to determine the state of your hormone health. The test is conducted by an independent laboratory. Your Consultant will help you understand the results.

Use The BFF

The BFF is a proven program based on the science of hormone health. Our program is supported by thousands of published articles and research. Everything you need is in one place to make it easy.

Enjoy The Results

As your body heals and recovers, you will feel the difference and your loved ones will see the results. We recommend taking another saliva test at 6 months and at least once a year to verify the effectiveness of the BFF.

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Spread The Word

There are women everywhere who need to learn the truth about natural hormone health!

We believe the best way to spread the word is by building a community of women who have a personal experience with our program. We offer a simple system to equip those who want to help others experience hormone health naturally. Whether you want to spend a few hours a week or give it all you’ve got, we want you to join our cause!


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