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✔ Bio-Identical Progesterone

✔ Diindolymethane

✔ Indoles

✔ Vitamin C

✔ Vitamin D3

✔ Vitamin K2

✔ L-Arginine

✔ r-Lipoic Acid

✔ Soluble & Insoluble Fiber

✔ PLUS, B vitamins, minerals, probiotics, 20+ fruits & veggies, enzymes & more...

*Only program CERTIFIED to contain all 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance NATURALLY!!!

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The BodySmart Masterclass™ 

✔  Simple ideas for creating amazing health everyday

✔ Our secret food list that produces great results, like magic

✔ Over 20 years of health coaching and research condensed into easy-to-consume bites

✔ Over 20 short videos, showing you how to achieve & maintain "Divine Health"

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Independent Saliva Testing

Establish an objective health baseline, monitor your progress with scientific accuracy, and verify the effectiveness of your health program. Don't just feel it, prove it!

Normally $900.00 - Yours FREE! 

Healthy Meal Planner

Eating for health is not a problem when you have the plan. Making better food choices is a part of our balanced approach to health and wellness.

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Low Impact Workouts

Exercise is an integral part of health, but it needs to be the right kind to support hormone balance.

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Community & Support 

We are in this together. We all have hormones and we all need support. We are here to support you all the way.

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"Wow!!! I feel so wonderful and have so much energy. I have two kids & own my own business... life is crazy! So, I am so grateful for this program & it takes less than 30 seconds a day. My test results tell the story, this really works!"

— Norrah Salim, Colorado

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Backed By Our Promise

If after following our program, you don't LOVE how you feel, we will refund your money, no questions asked!

— Deanne Goss, CEO

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It has taken years for your health to get where it is, and bringing balance doesn't happen overnight. But, where will you be in 6 months if you don't do something different? 

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$499  $249 to start / $169 per month

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Ridiculously Simple

Step 1: Take The Test

Your subscription comes with a simple, non-invasive saliva test to tell you everything you need to know. Saliva testing is the most accurate way to test hormones, way more accurate than testing blood. You also receive a follow-up test at the 6 month & 12 month mark to verify that the program is working.

Step 2: Follow The Program

Intelligent supplementation yields proven results. These products are not available anywhere else on the planet. We have specifically formulated them to deliver the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance, which have been proven effective through thousands of saliva tests.

Step 3: Follow The Coaching

We deliver timely intelligence directly to your inbox, so you can MASTER your hormones, on your schedule. 

SPOILER ALERT  Mastering your health through natural hormone balance is not really difficult. We teach you the secret, then you become the Master.


Testing saliva is the most accurate way to measure hormone levels. Your Subscription includes saliva testing from an independent lab to help you monitor your health & progress.


These products are deliver the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance . This is intelligent nutrition that is proven to work. PLUS, over 30 more health improving & immunity BOOSTING nutrients.


We know you're busy and don't have time to search the internet for proven answers. Our online coaching program helps you "MASTER" your health on your schedule.


Industry leading saliva testing by an independent CLIA-Approved laboratory; 1 immediately, 1 @ 6 months, & 1 @ 12 months.


The BFF - Body's Friend Forever contains the 9 Essential Nutrients that have been proven to balance hormones naturally and BEAT Estrogen Dominance.


The intelligence you need, when you need it. We have poured through all the information and distilled it into the most important things you need to know. We make it easy to "MASTER" your health!

YOU are going to LOVE how you FEEL! 


We have a simple program that has been proven effective by thousands of saliva tests, and we PROMISE to refund your money if you are not completely satisfied.

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This program has been helping women just like you MASTER THEIR HEALTH through natural hormone balance for over 10 years. 

It is verified with independent saliva testing, and we guarantee it. 

Our Natural Hormone Balance Program Subscription is a complete bio-identical hormone balancing system. 

We provide the COACHING you need to "MASTER" your health through natural hormone balance, and deliver targeted nutrition to support both hormone balance and overall health. 

Our Program is CERTIFIED TO DELIVER the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance

This program is simple, proven, and guaranteed!

Monthly Subscription includes:

1. Initial saliva test + 6-month saliva test + 12-month saliva test  ($900 value)

2. Monthly supply of our science-backed formulations CERTIFIED to contain the 9 Essential Nutrients to BEAT Estrogen Dominance ($2,292 value)

3. Access to our "EXCLUSIVE" hormone MASTER CLASS Coaching ($249 value)

This program:

  • -Supports natural hormone balance
  • -Supports healthy adrenal function
  • -Supports elevated energy, mood, and mental performance
  • -Supports cardiovascular, bone, lung, digestive, and overall health

*The Natural Hormone Balance Program Subscription includes a $249 Registration Fee + applicable shipping & handling, and a $169 Monthly Fee + applicable shipping & handling, for associated products. Upon fulfillment of your 6th & 12th month order, a follow-up saliva test will be automatically delivered with your Monthly Subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time prior to the end of the 6th or 12th month, in which case, no additional saliva test(s) will be sent. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease.