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    balance... naturally
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We help women balance career and family!

What do you want?

We can help you maxx@mize your time

Life...your way!!!

Part-time and full-time career possibilities await

Time is the most precious commodity we have. Why spend all of it building someone else's dream?

With maxx@live, you can build more than a career, you can build a life helping others balance their hormones naturally.

“The Career Path at maxx@live gives me the freedom to be a full-time mom and still have the resources to enjoy a great lifestyle!”

Cindy Lewis


Share The Program

From coffee with friends to parties to seminars, there are many fun and exciting ways to share the program. We have it all figured out, you just plug in to our proven system.

Serve Others

Help your customers get the most out of their BFF. Work with those who want to build a career and help them realize their dreams. We are a community of women helping each other succeed!

Support Leaders

As your team grows, you encourage and support emerging leaders. We offer tremendous training and support to make mentoring others effortless.

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Change the world

We have a passion to help women everywhere experience more out of life

We believe the best way to help women is to empower their dreams. We are looking for amazing women like you to join our cause. We are on a mission to share the truth about women’s health and really need your voice.

If you love having fun, meeting great people, and enjoying life, you will love maxx@live!


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