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We started as one woman’s quest to learn the truth...

We began shipping maxx@live products in August 2009, but our community began many years before.

Today, we have women all over North America who are living healthier, more balanced lives because of maxx@live.

Our Inspiration

Founder/CEO Jackie Harvey

Jackie Harvey is internationally-recognized speaker and expert in women’s health. But, she didn’t start out that way.

She was an accountant, a wife, and a mother of 7, including 5 daughters. When she began experiencing menopausal symptoms, she was told that hormone replacement therapy (HRT) was her only option.

She instintively knew there had to be a better, natural way. Her quest to find answers for her own body became a passion to provide answers for other women...especially her own daughters.

She discovered a natural way to help women achieve and maintain hormone health. Now, you can enjoy the benefits of her relentless pursuit of the truth with maxx@live!

“I absolutely love maxx@live! I have learned so much and helped so many people. I never knew life could be so fun.”

Charly Bannister


We see opportunity everywhere...

We have a passion to help women everywhere experience more out of life

We are looking for women of all ages who want to achieve hormone balance naturally, who have a desire to help others by sharing what they have learned, and who seek to change their future.


Great products

We develop and market products that simply work. We start with carefully selected ingredients and create synergistic blends for maximum performance.

Great service

We believe our highest calling is to serve our Consultants and Customers. We strive to exceed your expectations and deliver outstanding service.

Proven results

We don’t just say our products work, we prove it. We encourage everyone to put our products to the test with independent, 3rd party testing.

Our Founder 


Jackie Harvey, CEO/Founder MaxxAlive

Our CEO and Founder, Jackie Harvey, is committed to making a positive change in people’s lives through MaxxAlive.

Faced with her own hormone issues and menopause, Jackie was told by her doctor that her only option was hormone replacement therapy. She instinctively knew there had to be a better, natural alternative. Jackie found answers for hormone balance through proper supplementation and a healthy lifestyle.

MaxxAlive is the culmination of Jackie Harvey’s dream to see women enjoy true balance and freedom. She works in partnership with nurses, medical doctors, health care practitioners and individuals who are interested in natural alternatives for hormonal balance.

An international speaker, radio show host, seminar leader, author, business trainer, wife and mother of seven, Jackie has been traveling, teaching and speaking on women's issues for over 20 years.

Take a Step

The sooner you start, the sooner you can get your life back. Our program comes with a money-back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Take a step and we will help you the rest of the way...

Let's get started

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